Supreme Court Grants Obama’s Request for Lifetime Secret Service Protection

The Supreme Court made a stunning and unprecedented decision today, granting Barack Hussein Obama’s request for lifetime Secret Service protection. This is an unprecedented ruling, as no former President has ever had the audacity to demand, much less be granted lifetime Secret Service protection.

Assistant Justice Joe Barron, of the Supreme Court, gave us a statement on the ruling:

“Well, this is a spurious decision that we made. We had to rule in Obama’s favor, since he has lots of power, and if we went against him, he would use that power to get back at us. I may be in danger for saying that actually. Please don’t publish that part. Anyway, I think Obama is a fraud and doesn’t deserve anything else from the government.”

This ruling shows why it’s so important that Republicans stay in power. If the Supreme Court gets any more leftist, there will be no stopping the fall of America to communism, as liberals would be able to override the President by using the Courts. This is very dangerous since the Court is supposed to be non-partisan, fair, and balanced, like Fox News.

President Trump has announced that he is appealing the ruling, saying that “it’s not fair.” We agree with his assessment. Obama is no longer President, so why are we making exceptions for him to get protection? We’ve had enough of liberals and their double standards. We must stand up for truth and justice.

Remember to vote red always.

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