Omar: ‘Trump is More Effective at Killing Americans Than Any Terrorist’

At a self-centered and un-American speech to her communist donors at Planned Parenthood, Ilhan Omar had some choice words about our President, Donald Trump.

These were horrible words. So horrible in fact, that we can’t print half of them here. She claims that Donald Trump has killed Americans.

This is completely false and is the talk of traitors. She surely hates America.

This is an excerpt from her long-winded and horrible speech:

“Donald Trump is the worst President in history. One hundred thousand people dead in this country as a result of his inaction. Those kinds of numbers would make terrorists jealous. Trump is more effective at killing Americans than any terrorist could ever be. At least he’s good at something. Well that, and bankrupting casinos.”

These are dangerous words and they are not protected by the First Amendment, as we do not like these words. Only things that we like are considered to be free speech and the communists can love it or leave it. Un-Americans aren’t welcome here and they get no rights.

Republican Joe Barron, as always, is assuring his ignorant base that he will be moving forward with an investigation into Omar, saying that’s she is “threatening the President and it’s not a laughing matter.” The investigation is set to begin this week, with indictments to come as soon as a month later.

We hope something comes of this investigation, but we doubt it, since Democrats seem to get away with everything, up to and including murder.

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