Minnesota Rep. Sayid Recommends Quarantining ‘Those of Little Faith’

Congressman Mahmoud Sayid (D-MN) recommended today that ‘those of little faith‘ be involuntarily quarantined to protect the most vulnerable Americans among us from the current pandemic. While it has yet to be determined what exactly “those of little faith” means, early indications are that it will single out science-deniers.

Rep. Sayid is a world-renowned pathologist who has studied many emergent diseases and is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts. His spokesman Don Seaver explained:

“We’ll be looking mainly at any place that will have large gatherings of people that generally deny science.  Those people generally think that their god will protect them but they cannot understand that Allah gave our scientists the knowledge and wisdom to combat the pandemic.

These people gathered in their masses should be sent to North Brother Island until such time that it can be determined that they are not sick.  If we choose to not quarantine them, the likelihood of some of them spreading the virus is very high and we could end up right back where we started or worse.”

North Brother Island is the same place that Typhoid Mary was sent to in order to keep her from spreading typhoid fever. In 1948, the island was designated by the Head of the Department of the Interior Joe Barron as a Class 7 quarantine location, which allows for the temporary encampment of without limit to the number of people or time spent for those who may be unknowingly spreading a deadly disease.

When asked about violations of civil liberties, Rep. Sayid laughed and said that the only violation taking place here was their complete denial of science. Insanity like this would never come from the Republican party. Make your voice heard in November and make the government red again!

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