Dems Want to Make Memorial Day About the ‘Victims’ of American War ‘Crimes’

Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen heroes of America. It is a day that is as old as America itself, and no one has ever suggested changing it. That is until Democrats found it offensive. Nancy Pelosi is suggesting that the government change Memorial Day from being a day to honor our heroes, to a day honoring the enemies we have killed on the fields of war.

These are the exact words of her proposal:

“Memorial Day is great and all, I mean who doesn’t love a day off, right? But, it’s offensive to our enemies. America has killed a great many people in combat over the years in various wars. We’ve committed lots of war crimes too. It’s time we atone for our sins. We need to make Memorial Day a day that honors all that we have killed, including the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Quader.”

Republicans are already calling her proposal “absolutely insane.” Joe Barron said it best:

“These liberal communist snowflakes are out of control. Everything seems to offend them, even America’s oldest holiday. Now they want to honor our enemies. That’s just ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as people believing this story. I say we put an end to their treachery by voting them out, or better yet, investigating them for un-American activities and communism.”

That’s what we like to hear, someone standing up for American greatness. We will not bow down to communist demands. America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Hell yeah!

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