Democrats Add Fast-Food Workers to $3 Trillion Stimulus Bill

How dare they???

Liberal Democrats in Washington DC this week have added yet more garbage to the new socialist stimulus bill this week. They have decided that fast-food workers should be covered under the new package, and are pushing for them to be able to get unemployment benefits as well.

Nancy Pelosi and AOC added the provisions to cover fast-food workers as a way to capture their vote, there’s no other reasoning behind this. In addition to getting a $1200 stimulus check, they’re also writing into the bill to raise their pay to $15 an hour and forcing fast-food companies to provide no-cost health insurance, deeming fast-food workers as “essential workers” during the pandemic.

Joseph Barron, a fry cook at Burgerville is welcoming the changes Democrats are trying to make for fast food workers like himself.

“I’ve been here for 13 years,” Barron said, adding “it’ll be nice to make more than minimum wage for our hard work and dedication to serving yummy food!”

Barron and his girlfriend Susan have three children to provide for and have been doing so on his wages since the economy tanked in 2007.

Representatives at the fast-food chains were not happy to hear about the democrats attempting to better the lives of their workers, however. A McDonald’s rep stated that the workers should be happy to even have a job, adding they should be pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and other stupid terms that make no sense to anyone but themselves.

They also fear that if wages go up, they’ll have to charge a nickel more for their products.

“We raise our prices constantly and nobody knows any better, most people just point to a picture of whatever crap they’re buying and grunt the meal number,” Sandy Batt, a manager at Taco Bell said, “but if this goes through, we’re actually going to tell people we’re raising the price and blaming it on the employees and liberals, so they’ll get the ire of the Neanderthals who eat this crap.”

Everyone knows that fast-food jobs are only for high school kids that conservatives say don’t work in the first place. If we started treating workers that have jobs that we feel are below us, what will this world come to??

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