Biden Chooses His Son Hunter as VP

Democrats are all about nepotism. The latest example of this is Democrat Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President, his own son Hunter. Joe says his son will do our nation proud, and has ample experience to do the job perfectly. We disagree.

Hunter Biden is a fraud. His parents bought his entry into Harvard, where they used the money to ensure he did well. He was a poor student in high school, so there was no way he got into Harvard on his own merits. After this, he had a career in real estate, which was funded by his rich family. Hunter Biden has never earned anything on his own. He doesn’t even know what a hard day of work looks like

Now he is going on to be selected as Vice President of the United States. Senator Joe Barron slammed the move:

“This is an absolute farce. Hunter Biden has no credentials whatsoever to be anywhere near the Oval Office. All Democrats know is nepotism and corruption. This is why it’s important we re-elect Donald Trump, because he doesn’t blindly appoint family members with no merit, and if he did, I wouldn’t support him anymore because I’m not a hypocrite.”

As always, we absolutely agree with Joe Barron. He is spot-on in his analysis of Kushner, I mean Hunter Biden. He needs to go back to Ukraine peddling his dope. He doesn’t belong in the White House, and Democrats need to be indicted for hiring their own family members.

Vote red this November!

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