Durham Investigator Texted DOJ and Mysteriously Disappeared

The truth is right in front of you

The Durham Report is scheduled to reach its conclusion this summer and many are anxiously awaiting its results as it is assumed it will expose and convict many from the deep state cabal. Among those thought to be under investigation are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and many more.

While the investigation has many agents covering it, the lead investigator is said to be a man by the name of Joe Barron. He is top-notch, someone Bill Barr has known personally for decades and is trusted completely.

Joe Barron has gone missing.

This shocking turn of events occurred shortly after it appeared as though Barron had found the “smoking gun” that he was looking for to take them all down. He had texted Barr earlier in the day with three words: “I got them.” Nobody heard from Barron since.

His disappearance is being treated as suspicious and this new investigation is being actively pursued by every government agency available. Feeling responsible for a man under his watch, Jonny Durham has made the first public comments in relation to the agent’s vanishing:

“Joe Barron is the salt of the earth. He’s a family man who is devout and loyal to America. He is also the finest investigator I’ve ever known in my entire life.

This is not a man who would go down without a fight he could beat the crap out of a Mandalorian without blinking an eye. And he would never ever abandon his duties. For him to have vanished without a trace would not be of his own volition. There is foul play involved here. I’m sure of it.”

It seems obvious to everybody at the Department of Justice and to everybody with any common sense that the deep state must have “removed him.” No doubt we will find him “suicided” sometime in the near future. The investigation, however, will go on. Whatever he had learned will be learned again and they will all go down.

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