Trump Calls for Pandemic Victory Parade

The truth is right in front of you

The American people have fought long and hard against this pandemic, and President Trump wants to reward them for their efforts. This is why he has called for a Pandemic Victory Parade on the streets of Washington DC this month, saying “it will be a parade for heroes like me.”

This parade will be to honor the first responders, doctors, nurses, and all essential workers that have risked their lives for capitalism. This parade is exactly what doctors and nurses want and need right now. Liberals say they want masks, but that’s nonsense. They need a parade that will surely lift their spirits.

Parade Organizer Joe Barron had this to say about the upcoming parade:

“This will be so much better than the Liberty Loan Drive Parade of 1918! We will have so many more people than they had at that one. The crowds are going to be 50 deep for like 10 miles of the parade route.

All those people packed in tight and uncomfortable, just to honor our heroes. There’s nothing more American than that, making the problem worse through ignorance. This parade will be a great success in that regard.”

Liberal Democrats are already whining about the parade, saying it will cause further spread of the virus.

That is nonsense!

The parade is to celebrate victory over the pandemic, so obviously the virus is gone or else President Trump wouldn’t be celebrating victory. Liberals are always so confused.

President Trump knows what’s best for America, and if he says we need a parade, then you can be sure we need a parade. It will be good to get a sense of normalcy back after this tumultuous time we’ve all been through. We hope the parade is a great success and that millions of people show up.

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