CA Governor Newsom to Ban Seniors from Casinos

Senior citizens are under attack. Whether it be from Democrats that want them to sacrifice themselves for the economy, communists wanting to take away their social security, or liberals taking away their entertainment, seniors are truly victims of society.

The latest in this long line of attacks on seniors comes from California where Governor Newsom is passing a law which will make it illegal for those over the age of 65 to participate in gambling since he claims it is “a waste of Social Security Funds.”

Here are Newsom’s full remarks:

“Social Security is a privilege and seniors are abusing their privilege. This is why we are taking away their privilege of using casinos. You go to these places, bingo halls and casinos, and you see these old there, day after day, wasting their social security checks. It’s sad really. They’re spending their last years wasting away at a slot machine or playing that bingo crap. They are wasting the government funds that we generously give them.

We will put an end to this waste by banning anyone over the age of 65 from entering casinos or partaking in any games of luck including, but not limited to scratch-offs, lottery tickets, fantasy football, and of course bingo. This action will benefit all Americans.”

This is troubling news for all freedom-loving patriots like Joe Barron. He says he will never be removed from his precious bingo hall and that “they will have to pry my dauber from my cold, dead hands”. We salute his patriotism.

This is how we deal with tyranny as Americans. We will never give in, we will never surrender.

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