George Bush Has Sent Michelle Obama 100s of Love Letters

The truth is the last thing you’ll believe

The entire world knows about the warm relationship between Former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Michelle Obama. They’ve had a very friendly relationship over the years, and now sources say there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the two.

Recently, emails and handwritten notes have been discovered that have shed light on the relationship between the two married people. Letters and emails that suggest the friendly relationship is a little more than friendly, and borders on infidelity. We’ve all seen that George always makes sure he has candy for Michelle, in every public meeting, even at his own father’s funeral.

Bush family friend Joseph Barron says it’s just a friendship that blossomed over the years, nothing more, nothing less. But these letters and emails hint at something more than that. We’ve never seen George be as loving towards his wife Laura as he has with Michelle Obama.

Bush has written to Michelle countless times, pointing out he thinks she’s exceptionally beautiful, that Melania (3rd and current wife of Donald J Trump) is a dog, that she doesn’t hold a candle to Michelle. Letters go on to say how much he appreciates Michelle’s love towards him and his daughters, which unlike the current president, he’s never said he was attracted to.

This could be just friendship, but we think it’s much more than that. The letters even include bashing our current occupant of the White House, his wife, his daughter-wife, and the two dumbass boys who embarrass themselves on a daily basis.

Michelle concurred in her correspondence back to him, saying Bush was a genius compared to the Tangerine Nightmare.

Some excerpts of the letters include,

“Oh my dearest Michelle, how I look forward to seeing you again, you’re the light of my life. Like a lightbulb that lasts long after other bulbs have dim.”

Another spoke of his paintings,

“When I paint pictures of my toes in the bathtub, I think of you, and your toes, and how our toes are different.”

George has always had a way with words.

Whether or not there is a flirtation between the two is up to the eye of the nonreading beholder, you.  

But how dare he make fun of Donald Trump, especially when it’s to Michelle Obama. 

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