Drunk and Violent Nancy Pelosi Cursed Out Republicans, Removed from House Floor

According to the Dunning-Kruger Times, Nancy Pelosi was removed from the House Floor for drunken and disorderly conduct. To make matters worse, this was during the vote count for the stimulus aid bill. Pelosi cares so little for Americans that she would show up drunk to this important vote.

Here is an excerpt from one of Pelosi’s many drunken outbursts that day:

“You’re all a bunch of a**holes! You need to be voted out since you don’t give two sh*ts about the American people! Their lives are on your hands. You’re a bunch of knuckle-dragging oxygen thieves. In fact, we should charge your for all that oxygen you waste every day, especially you turtle-looking f*ck from Kentucky. Get fu**ed! We’re going to impeach that orange bastard again you can best believe it!”

After this outburst, the Sergeant at Arms, Joe Barron grabbed her and escorted her out as she kicked and screamed about her rights being violated:

“Do you know who I am?! You’re violating my rights you fascist brownshirt! I’m the Speaker of the House! You’re going to regret this”

Republicans clapped and cheered as Pelosi was thrown out of the chamber. Democrats vowed to cover up this incident so it wouldn’t be known to Americans, but we are here to report the truth of what happened.

Pelosi has long been known to be an alcoholic, but this is too far, even for her. It’s time for her to be forced into retirement. She is a bad influence and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She needs to go.


  1. So why does the House Speaker get away with arriving to her JOB DRUNK???? Citizen’s in the U.S. would be fired???? WHY IS THIS ALLOWABLE HUH???????????

  2. Is there any proof at all other than this one article from one source. Hard to believe you have the only story. Liberal owned media aside no one else ran the story…I dislike pelosi with a passion but she can dig her own grave there is no reason to fabricate or just make crap up. That’s a liberal tactic. With no proof why stop there why not say she curb stomped a puppy and burned down an orphanage? I cant stand her but have proof.

  3. The Democrat Party has surrendered to the Devil. They have become Evil and I believe it started around 2012 when they booed adding the name of God to their Party platform.

  4. Fire her ass now we the bosses she showed up at work drunk said bad words fire her fucking ass. Terminate enough of this witch bullshit do itl

  5. If true it will only make her a God among the Democrats,but I do not believe she would do that and would hsve to hear more from her church on the other story as well.I think her age is showing with her lost of words and flapping hands all around but then I saw that

  6. Are some of you people so gullible that you’ll believe anything someone says on the internet, without ever bothering to check sources? BustaTroll is satire, yet some of you are either too high/drunk or dumb to know the difference. Idiots!

  7. Y’all PLEASE notice the word SATIRE in the upper corner. I am no fan of Pelosi..but come on.. you can’t put stock in this

  8. I do not call this satire,I call it lies!! I have no use for the woman,she is a detriment to this country.However,I don’t like lies being told by anyone about anyone!!!! And trying to influence the thinking of people. Yes,some will believe everything they read,but there are varied reasons for that,and don’t need to insult other readers!! But those printing lies are to be criticized for doing so!!!

  9. do you realize this is all fake news. Do you not see the word “satire” on the very top of this website? I have to believe you are not falling this. This site is like the onion, nothing is what is said, it is just fake news.

  10. May I ask why it is so difficult to locate on your site the publication dates of articles. I haven’t seen one.

  11. I would sure like to know why we haven’t heard a single thing about this drunkeness of Pelosi, even from FOX

  12. I dislike Pelosi with my entire soul, but I hate the possibility that MY conservative media would stoop to false reporting… No need to slime down to the level of CCN, MSNBC, and the other lame stream!

  13. This woman is totally Insane, “her look and her Ideal are so full of madness its sad to see”, TRUMP 2020 But if Trump cant save our Nation a civil race war will kill it thanks to people like Pelosi madness

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