$2.4 Million of Stimulus Payments Have Been Donated to Planned Parenthood

When President Trump created a plan to send an emergency stimulus payment to every citizen of America, his intention was that this is money to be used for essentials like housing, food, and health supplies. He trusted the people of this nation to use it responsibly and left it in their hands.

However, there is no oversight on what people do with their checks. They are, essentially, free to do with them as they please. It was expected that there would be some unnecessary extravagances purchased by irresponsible liberals. It’s always expected that they would purchase drugs and alcohol with the handouts they get, but no one expected how much of the money would wind up being used to harm.

To date, $2.4 million worth of checks have been signed over to Planned Parenthood in the form of donations. Virtually all those who donated stated they wished to see the clinics stay open and that their donation should specifically be used toward ensuring that the abortion trade continues. Planned Parenthood spokesperson Joe Barron was ecstatic as he spoke of this windfall:

“We never expected this. We jokingly asked for them but we didn’t think anybody would take us seriously! And now we’re up to $2.4 million and the payments have just started to go out. Who knows? We could wind up getting a hell of a lot more! There are going to be a hell of a lot of really happy knocked up women out there!

Because so many asked that the money be put toward abortion alone, we are considering shutting down the rest of our services for women’s health. This is being discussed with the board and an announcement will be made shortly.”

This is outrageous. That money should be seized back by President Trump and those who donated punished. They have viciously taken advantage of his generosity and should be made an example of.

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