Hillary Clinton Thinks WWE Is Stupid and Non-Essential

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton, failed presidential candidate and of Benghazi fame, thinks the WWE is stupid and questions why it’s deemed essential by the governor of Florida.  Apparently she doesn’t understand the appeal of men who scream that their straight while watching other well built, oiled up, buff men grab each other in really what amounts to crappy ballet.

“What on earth makes entertainment for idiots essential?” She moaned to Howard Stern, her new liberal ally in an interview set to air on his radio show. “It’s like a ballet for rednecks, it’s the lowest form of anything I’ve ever seen.”

We have to disagree. We’ve watched the Trump presidency for 3.5 years.

Joe Barron, a wrestler for the WWE, responded to Hillary’s bashing of his work. “I mean I knowed that we ain’t like book readin’ smart and I done get knocked on my head a lot, but we doin a service for dem people in trailer parks all over the country. We great ‘mericans!”

During the interview they kept on the WWE/Florida situation, Stern informing Hillary that Vince McMahon is now on the president’s counsel. “Didn’t he drop his pants and moon the crowd?” She asked. A staffer said, “Yes, haha, quite a few times!”  Clinton then rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Apparently, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t understand American entertainment and humor.

Earlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deemed WWE an essential business, ensuring that grown men who vote Trump and live in the mother’s basement on a steady diet of Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew can feign outrage online about people living in their basements can be entertained with the mindless crap that pro-wrestling really is.

In these trying times, we do really need pro-wrestling. I mean what else are we going to do with our time while the government fails miserably.


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