Trump Issues Order Deeming Church An Essential Business


America is a Christian nation and the most essential part of the lives of Americans is going to church. Without this, we are just a land of savages like other places that have rejected Christianity.

Just look at Nazi Germany and New Zealand. These places are not places we want to be like, but without God in our lives, we soon will be headed down that path.

Our President Donald Trump understands this more than anyone. That is why he has worked so hard on crafting his most recent Executive Order. It will allow churches to operate as the essential businesses that they are.

Executive Order 66 states the following:

“As of today, all churches in the United States of America are classified as essential businesses. This will require them to remain open for all people at all times. In addition, since they are now classified as businesses, they will be entitled to taxation provisions by the IRS. In essence, they will now pay the taxes they have been avoiding for all these years.”

This is great news for Americans. They can get back to church and God will be back. The best part of this order for America is the taxation provisions. The nation will have so much revenue, we won’t know what to do with it. We will pay off the debt in record time, just as Trump claimed.

The president is said to be working on a new Executive Order, opening up the rest of the country as soon as possible. The elderly are expendable for the greater good of the economy.


  1. It’s true, Trump did say it and I heard him when he said it. Churches should open, he deems them as essential establishments. We need people praying now more than ever before.

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