Pelosi Won’t Pass Stimulus Checks Unless Seniors Are Excluded

No one knows why the Democrats hate senior citizens so much. They do everything that they can to screw our nation’s retirees, trying to screw them out of Social Security, screw them out of Medicare, and now they want to screw them out of their stimulus checks.

Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues have been endlessly stalling the stimulus bill. They filled it was so much pork, that all that was left for the people was $1200 each. Had it not been for all of her additions, we would have been entitled to $10,000 each. If that wasn’t enough, Pelosi now wants to take more funds for her pet projects, and finance them by taking stimulants away from senior citizens.

The Speaker of the House presented this latest stalling technique to congress today:

“The stimulus is being delivered in order to keep our economy rolling. It needs to go to those who spend so that money continues to flow. Seniors don’t spend money. They sock it all away in a cookie jar or under a mattress, saving it for a rainy day that never comes. They’re idiots and, if anything, they are destructive to the economy of the United States.

And besides, they get Social Security. They’re already living off the government dime, getting a handout each and every month because they’re too lazy to work for a living. Why would we give them more?

Seniors will just have to do with they always do. They should be thankful that we’re still willing to treat them if they catch this thing. If it were completely up to me, I’d toss them away.”

Pelosi is the most uncaring witch this country’s government has ever seen. In our entire history, we have not witnessed such sadistic behavior from an elected official. She needs to go.


  1. Of course she feels that way after making all that money “cheating” in the stock market. For the record social security is NOT government hand out…Medicare is NOT a handout, we have CONTRIBUTED (as well as our employers) to this accounts since we started working with EVERY paycheck we received, there are a lot of retirees still working just to make ends meet, Pelosi is a DISGRACE to the older citizens and hopefully she will be REMOVED from office at election day…remember…retired people ALSO can vote and they will alright.


  3. “And besides, they get Social Security. They’re already living off the government dime,” Excuse me Elderly woman in Congress! Yea I called you elderly because thats exactly what you are. The money you think is being taken by elderly, retired or handicapped people is NOT Government money! That money comes from people working (something you know nothing about), the money comes from Tax payers. The Government has no Money, the funds they use everyday to fund BS like sending money to other countries all the time – IS AMERICANS MONEY! TAX PAYERS MONEY!

  4. I don’t care for Pelosi, but you 3 who commented realize this is only fiction/satire, correct? If not, go to the About page and learn something. LOL

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