Joe Biden Vows to Support Socialist Agenda

Joe Biden is the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. He will face Donald Trump in November and doesn’t stand a chance. Just today, as he floated about his victory, he said that he will be a champion of the socialist agenda.

In a bid to capture Bernie supporters away from Donald Trump, Biden vows to embrace the socialist agenda. He thinks casting the net wide in the progressive swamp is a good strategy.

“Look, it’s the right thing to do. Corn Pop is against it, so I’m for it. That’s how it works. It’s like a, you know, whatever it’s called, the magic 8 ball or whatever. If he’s for it, I’m against it, if he’s against it, I’m for it.

He is against socialism, so I am now going to be a socialist champion. On day one, I will be cutting social security, cutting aid to red states, and doing away with Medicaid. These are popular programs with Corn Pop and his Republican pals. They won’t be around when I’m president.”

The soundbite machine, Joe Barron, responded to Biden’s ridiculous speech:

“I feel sorry for the guy, I really do. What is he even talking about? He always just babbles about whatever is on his mind. One minute he’s talking about windmill cancer, then rambling about a malaria pill claiming it can treat the Rona. He just makes no sense. He can’t be allowed to be President.”

We have to agree with Mr. Barron. Joe Biden is senile and old. We need an unsenile and young president like Donald Trump. It is imperative that he wins in November or all is lost.

Vote red. We can’t afford socialism.

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