Prince Harry Demands US Pay for His Security Detail

Prince Harry was recently kicked out of the British Royal Family, and as a result, will no longer receive government-funded bodyguards from the Queen. Since being removed as a member of the Royal Family, Harry has decided to move to America with his wife and, of course, he wants a security detail, but expects the United States to pay for it.

Harry had this to say:

“Look, I’m coming to America, so I expect them to pay up to protect me. Why should I pay? I’m helping their economy just by gracing them with my presence. They should actually be looking forward to paying. I am royal and deserve special treatment by your government!”

President Trump responded to these remarks:

“We will not pay. Only the President of the United States and his family is allowed to use government funds for leisure travel, golfing, and whatever they see fit. People who have been kicked out of the Royal Family get nothing! We are the best country for jobs, the most jobs. If Harry wants security he can get a tremendous job here and pay for it. I am a job creator. No one has created as many jobs as I have in such a short time. Obama destroyed our economy and I am fixing it. Only I can fix it. They say I’m an expert at the economy and I say they are right.”

Republican Senator Joe Barron of the Economic Committee for Budgetary Affairs said that he agreed with President Trump and that any legislation to fund a security detail for Harry would not get through his committee, saying “we don’t pay for our leaders to play around, why should we pay for him?”

The American people agree with President Trump. We will not pay for Harry! We only pay for our great President Trump to do as he wishes!


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