Nancy Pelosi’s Approval Rating Is Now The Lowest In Congress At 14%

Democrats continue to work against the public interest. Their attempted insertion of abortion legalization and self-interest in the stimulus bill has proven that once again and now they are paying the price.

Across the country in Democrat districts, approval ratings among their constituents are at all-time lows. No one is suffering this more than the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi’s district in Alabama was recently polled and its residents are rejecting her for her apparent lack of desire to help Americans get through this financial crisis. The poll, conducted by Dunning-Kruger and Associates, shows that only 18% approved of her performance, while 86% disapproved, and 14% just didn’t care. A further 7% answered, “Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi?”.

These results should come as no surprise to anyone. Through her heavy-handed tactics in Congress with this crisis, Pelosi has alienated herself from everybody in the country who wants to help their fellow Americans. Joe Barron, a resident in her Minnesota district put it best:

“She works for the President so she should be doing everything he says, right? That’s how businesses work and we elected Trump to run this country like a business.

I have no idea why Trump hasn’t fired her yet. She’s obviously failing at her job. She’s costing us money, taking away profit. She should be let go and then she can just get a stimulus relief check like everyone else if she qualifies.”

This is the sentiment of all in Pelosi’s Michigan district. The polling numbers prove it. Nancy is done in the next election.


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