Pelosi Nixes Trump’s Effort to Use Defense Production Act to Build Vital Supplies

german cake for pelosi!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this morning prevented President Trump from using the Defense Production Act (DPA). The DPA allows the president to direct any company to retool their plants to build critically needed supplies in the event of a national emergency. The president had previously directed Lego and Hasbro to build much-needed ventilators and Tonka to build the trucks to deliver them.

Now, the discerning reader and even the accidentally curious tater might wonder why the president – or any sane person, for that matter – would direct toy companies to build critical supplies such as ventilators and trucks. Don Jr., as he so frequently does, jumped to his father’s defense:

“Even a half wit like me knows that Lego can build anything. They already have all the bricks. All they need to do is put them together. Just the other day Eric built a fully functioning fleshlight using nothing but Lego bricks and an old sock he found in his couch. Then he delivered it to his man cave using a Tonka built semi driven by G.I. Joe Barron. In fact, that’s what gave dad the idea in the first place.”

And there you have it. While this story, like all others on this site, are devoid of any facts and have nothing to do with reality, one really cannot help but wonder whether a similar scenario has, in fact, occurred in the past.

And now the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: another delicious cake recipe! This one is one of my personal favorites: Black Forest cake for Old World aficionados. Click on the image below to start baking in German.

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