Investigation Launched into Pelosi Selling Stocks Prior to Crash

We’ve known all along that the Democrats had a hand in this mess. The stock market dipped slightly this week and the Dems immediately started pointing the finger at President Trump, claiming it was all his fault. An investigation begun by the Department of Justice today makes this theory even more plausible.

The DOJ is investigating recurring supervillain, Nancy Pelosi, after it was revealed that she sold $16.8 million dollars of stock just one day before the market fell. By getting out when she did, she saved herself from huge financial losses as her stocks lost value the following day.

The timing of her panicked disposal of her entire portfolio is obviously suspect. Agent Sandy Batt of the newly created DOJ task force devoted to widespread Democrat corruption believes that Pelosi had a hand in manipulating the market to fall. In fact, they suspect that she used the money to buy alcohol which is why she showed up drink the White House before being banned for life.

“It can’t be coincidence that she sold off everything one day before devastation hit the exchange. It seems obvious that she knew something was going to happen, the question is how?

We are investigating her finances and her personal and governmental dealings in order to answer that question. If it is found that she manipulated the market for her own ends, at the expense of hundreds of millions of Americans who now face recession, then she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I can’t comment anymore except to say she’s guilty. We know it. We just have to prove it.“

The evil and corruption within the Democrat party continues to astound. There’s no end to it. They’re only in it for themselves and they will stop at nothing to make themselves money and gain power.

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