U.S. Navy Set to Roll Out Newest Ship – USS Obama

The Navy recently announced that the USS Obama aircraft carrier will be rolled out into active service in the next few months. At a cost of 4 trillion dollars, it will be the largest and most advanced ship in the U.S. Navy.

The carrier, named for President Barack Obama, will have the capacity for 44 helicopters on board in honor of the 44th president. It will also have the capacity for 100 fighter jets, 10 reconnaissance planes, 40 AC-130 gunships, and 50 air-to-ground attack planes. It will be manned by 3000 marines and 5000 sailors and crew, bringing the total to 8000 personnel aboard the carrier.

The USS Obama

Navy Chief Joe Barron said the following about the USS Obama:

“This new aircraft carrier is named for the best president America has ever seen. And to honor that, it will be the best naval vessel this world has ever seen. It will be a beacon of light in a dark world.”

President Trump responded by firing the Navy Chief and installing his son Eric as the new Chief.

President Trump had this to say:

“Look, we’re going to look into renaming this ship. What has Obama even done? He was president, big deal. It’s not like all presidents get their own ship named after them. I think the biggest ship should be called the USS Trump. Many people say that has a nice ring to it. I think so. I really think so.

Maybe we can have a golf resort with a nice hotel on it too. It’s big enough. Why not make some money from it? The ship should be able to support itself without government funding. We’re definitely going to look into it. Why not? It’s big enough.”

This is another great idea by our tremendous president. He is always looking out for the taxpayer. We don’t need anything named for Obama. President Trump deserves his own ship with his own resort on it. He has earned that.


  1. I think I threw up in my own mouth when I seen this…And Mable Johnson he gets no oars. ha. What a sick thing to do to such a magnificent vessel.

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