It’s Official: Biden Announces Michelle Obama as His VP

There has been quite a bit of talk about who Joe Biden will select as his running mate when he inevitably wins the Democrat nomination to run for president. Some names that have been floating around are Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, and, last but not least, former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

It turns out the last one is the hit. Joe Biden is expected to announce his choice for his Vice President selection next week and inside sources tell us that Michelle Obama has gotten the selection.

One would have to assume that Biden wants to cash in on the number of people Michelle’s husband fooled for the past eight years, expecting that they will vote for him as well just because they see the Obama name attached.

Biden spokesman, Joe Barron tells us more:

“Who better to run with Joe then the great Michelle! She has charm and class galore! Her smile can light up a room. And yes, of course, the name doesn’t hurt.

Everybody in the country wants an Obama back in office. If it can’t be Barack they’ll settle for his wife. Or his husband or whatever.

In any case, the black vote is immediately ours with the inclusion of Michelle. Her presence will make up for Joe’s senility, and we definitely need to take the focus off of that. With her, the election is in the bag.”

It seems that the Biden camp really thinks this will work out for them. They think that simply putting Obama’s name beside Biden will be a magic bullet to put him directly into the White House. That’s just laughable.

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