Omar: ‘When We Win in November, We Will Eliminate Social Security Entitlements for Seniors.’

At a rally this week for communist fascist Bernie Sanders, Muslamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar railed against entitlements for seniors, vowing to cut them and eventually eliminate them completely.

“These old people haven’t earned these entitlements! We need more funding for our infrastructure and education centers and the biggest government expense is social security entitlements for senior citizens. We will have these phased out completely by 2024. We need to look toward the future generations and provide them welfare benefits, not the past of these older generations. Their time is over. They ruined the economy and must be made to pay!”

This plan is right from the communist playbook. Avowed communist Joe Barron said Omar’s plan is “the best proposal we’ve ever seen to further our communist agenda to take control of American ideals.” if this doesn’t worry you, I’m afraid you have been sleeping.

Fortunately for seniors, we have a strong president fighting against these communists. President Donald Trump is against cuts to Social Security, and has even called for an expansion of benefits for seniors. This makes perfect sense because Social Security is not in any way a socialist program. This is why the communists want to get rid of it so badly. They would rather have us fighting amongst ourselves for the few scraps of healthcare and money that the rich communists leave for us.

It is imperative for all seniors and those who oppose communism and socialism that Donald Trump wins in 2020. If he should lose, say goodbye to your monthly Social Security  check and your healthcare.





  2. let these the young people learn that they have to work for their money like we had too. we earned our SS and SSDI, make the ones on welfare, get a job and not be are not for Americans, you are for yourself and the self centered young ones that think that they can get what they want for free and not earn it like we had too,if you think we will sit back and allow you to take away the money we worked for the get back wne can.t work. well you are wtong, there will be an up roar over this issue

  3. If you eliminate it, WE THE PEOPLE will overthrow you and you will be out of a job…..forever. Social Security is not a entitlement, money is taken out of our checks. It was already earned before we get it back later. So go ahead and try this and see Little Miss Omar what happens to you and your job……..

  4. what a bunch of bs Fake News, I may not like Omar but she is not stupid enough to say that…

  5. OMG, people! You do realize this is a SATIRE website, right!? Everything they post on here is “FAKE NEWS”! Jeez… 🤦‍♀️

  6. It’s just away to get all the money out of ssn. It’s a lot more in there most believe.

  7. Fake news site! They think they’re being funny and making fun of conservatives and have to admit that people should do their research. However, the joke’s really on them because all they are managing is a call to arms for Republican conservatives to get out and vote. lol

  8. Fake news. Have to admit though that people should do their research. They think they’re being funny making fun of conservatives, but the joke is on them. All they are issuing is a call to arms for everyone, not just Republicans, to go vote for Trump in November, because Democratic senior citizens won’t like this either and many of them will think it’s true, not just “Taters” as they call conservatives!

  9. this cunt needs to be deported or die. She is as close to the Anti CHRIST as we have ever seen. Her beliefs are not consistent with any valves of America. REMOVING FROM OFFICE AND DEPORT


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  12. Shane Larson I bet that dog did say that heck man it wears a dirty diaper on its head I bet you she did say that. She is very evil why the people support her I have no idea because they’re all DUMMYS

  13. The hilarious part of this fake news is,all you who think Trump wants to keep Social Security are nuts. Removing Social Security is actually a Republican agenda, not Democrat.

  14. Levi St. John and see how angry they all are. When the site clearly states its Satire LOL. Trump supporters always cry fake news but will literally believe anything LOL.

  15. My mom actually believes and has shared more than one post from this site 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Any FAKE news placed on these page will result in the person placing the article being blocked and not able to see these pages. Fake news is the whole problem with this country and here we have a bunch that want to put up fake article to mislead those who don’t know how to verify. So you post them if you like but once found the game is over.

  17. These are not entitlements … This money all working American taxpayers have put into our fund -Social Security . each pay check has an amount taken out and placed here for us to get at retirement. I paid into this fund for 35 years.

  18. If politicians decided to end social security you can rest assured there will be a revolution and most of those corrupt politicians won’t live to tell about it.

  19. WOW! Talk about PISS ME OFF! I paid into Social Security all of my working life. If the money paid into Social Security was invested in stocks I would have way more retirement money than I am getting from Social Security. I believe to the tune of around $3,900 per month as opposed to $1,600 per month! What is wrong with this picture??? The Government has pissed our money away paying for illegals (welfare, medical, sec. 8, etc.) who have not paid into the system!
    This is were the spending needs to STOP. Paying for illegals living here illegally!
    You need to go back to your country and see what they do for you. I will even go as far to pack your bag and pay for your one way ticket! Good riddance!

  20. She (they) will remove entitlements that we have not earned? Is she retarded? This is not money that us seniors have earned. Social Security has collected from me for my entire work life. This is already my money. Money that I earned.

  21. I cannot believe even this loon said something like this. No sane politician in America would say something like this let alone mean it. This would be the political kiss of death in America. If she did say it she should start looking for another job now because she will not be returning to Congress. If her Somali district re-elects her we should send ICE to this district and do a house to house search for illegals and kick them all out. That should also get rid of their legal house residents too. We have no room for them in the USA. Kick them all out if this is true and they re-elect this loser pig.

  22. If this is considered to be satire then its FAILED satire. It certainly isn’t funny.

  23. That thing is a complete imbecile. Just who in the heck does she think she is? How dare she talk about money that isn’t hers. I don’t know much about the law but if she would touch even one penny of our money, I think we should be able to take her and anyone who messes with our money to court. I can’t believe that she is still in the position to mess with our government. She is communist!!! Depot her and get her out of our America.

  24. I know it is satire, but I wish it were true and it looks SO good that I really want to post it just to see it Posted on Facebook! Wishful thinking here on my part.

  25. Social security is not an entitlement!! Every single paycheck every single American makes has social security taken out, and now Medicare, too, and all retired seniors did earn their social security, bought and paid for retirement plan!!, you stupid woman!!

  26. Is this real or satire?? I can’t tell and I am sure you want it that way! If real it’s all lies!! If satire then you need a headline saying so! This is not funny and could be FAKE NEWS! Angers me!!

  27. Please fact check these outlandish stories. These women are the best thing that has happened to my retirement and social security. NOTHING BUT FALSE STORIES ON THIX SITE !!!! DESPICABLE !!!
    If you believe these lies you are an idiot!

  28. I really want to block this. Facebook why cant I block this website and be done with it?

  29. ss was there since our people came here, it is not your money, it is for every citizen who worked and slaved for many many years, their sweat and hard work made this great country, and you are a disgrace to this country saying that go back home and leave your no good for nothing.

  30. I have contributed to SS retirement since 1972 and am entitled to my benefits.. You will NOT discontinue my payment!!!

  31. When did what we paid for every month from our hard earned salaries get to be an entitlement!. How about we the people taking those in Congress to court for robbing our account. That was intended to be a working investment in our futures not a place for our trusted lawmakers to plunder when they were unable to make ends meet elsewhere. And now you have the audacity to call our investment an entitlement, while you award yourselves annual raises equal to or exceeding the our annual payout from our lifelong work investment. Despicable! Does that not amount to the greedy wealthy oppressing the less financially fortunate? And you call yourself a person for the people. In due time truth will come out and all the self serving decisions of rampant spirits of greed, power and prestige will be clearly seen and defeated. May absolute truth come to light and hearts be changed. I doubt that any of us is totally guiltless. We have, if in no other way, let these things happen right before our eyes. May truth come to light and prevail. May that Revelation humble us powerfully and cause us to be unable to deny our need for repentance and change… lest we destroy ourselves. May God have mercy on our souls.

  32. I am ordering the assasination of this bitch.
    I will pay a sizable bounty for her head.
    Bury her to her chest and stone her..

  33. This is worse than satire. Given the sheer number of low watt bulb Trump supporters who have fallen for it, it is straight up dangerous libel. WAKE UP YOU MORONS!

  34. What we need to do is reinstate the MCCARREN act and any and all laws that relate to eliminating the Communist’s in our country and then send all of obozos so called refugees. Back to where they came from it should be calm enough by now if not oh well.

  35. Exactly how are these women the best thing to happen to your social security? Cause they didn’t help mine a damn bit!!