Traitor Vindman Launches Class-Action Lawsuit For Wrongful Termination

President Trump’s post impeachment revenge has begun. His administration has fired many people recently, all of whom testified against him in the inquiry hearings in the House of Representatives.

The reason for the dismissals was simple. All had committed a treasonous act against America by trying to oust a duly elected president. Their removals weren’t personal. They were patriotic.

Now the disgruntled former employees, led by Alexander Vindman, are banding together in response. The former Lieutenant-Colonel has announced his intention to launch a class action lawsuit – along with every other fired traitor – against President Trump and the White House. It’s basis? Wrongful dismissal.

Vindman was loud and full of vitriol in his written press statement in which he explained his intentions behind the suit:

“When I and Ambassador Sondman and several others that nobody will be able to readily name testified at the hearings, we were doing our solemn duty. We were under oath and we told the truth. Had we lied we would’ve been disgracing our posts and breaking the law.

The truth is that the orange menace actually had people try to convince us all to bend reality to suit their needs. We refused, intent on doing our sworn duties of office, and for that we have lost our jobs. This illegal act of pettiness will not stand.

Collectively we are going to sue President Cheeto for wrongful dismissal, with a sub-suit for the illnesses we endured having to serve such a vile and loathsome leader. In other words, answering to Trump made us sick to our stomachs.

We intend to collect a sum total of $620 million from the federal government, an amount calculated precisely to match our suffering.

Trump promised winning. Now our own winning will finally begin.”

The frivolity of this suit will surely be seen by any judge. It is without basis and without merit and will likely never see the inside of a courtroom.


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