Pelosi Revokes Limbaugh Medal For ‘Invalid Presentation By A First Lady’

A great man was given a great honor yesterday at the State of the Union. President Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of his great accomplishments in the field of journalism and philanthropy.

In a twist, however, Trump did not put the medal on Limbaugh’s neck himself. He had his beautiful assistant, Melania , perform the task while he set about other business. The performance of the First Lady  was stunning and perfectly executed. She made her husband proud.

But now Nancy Pelosi is doing everything she can to destroy that wonderful moment. She has begun proceedings to have Limbaugh stripped of the award over a technicality.

“The Medal of Honor is presidential, not First Ladyian. It is to be presented and attached by the president himself.

In the case of Mr. Limbaugh, this did not happen. Melania, the First Hooker, wrapped the medal around his neck, likely followed soon after by her legs around his back, amirite?

Presentation Rule 16–2 clearly states that ‘Any such ribbons presented by anyone other than the president himself will be null and void and should be removed from the recipient immediately, never to be awarded again.’

That piece of tin around Rush Limbaugh’s neck is a worthless nothing. It is not a Presidential medal. It is a toy that Melania got to play with for a day. As is Rush, I’m sure.”

Though technically true, such a rescinding has never taken place before. Michelle Obama performed the pinning of no less than 60 Medals of Freedom and nobody said a word, content to let the recipient keep the great honor. Keeping silent was the right thing to do.

Pelosi’s announcement will result in a secret service team being dispatched to the home of Mr. Limbaugh and forcibly ripping the Medal of Freedom from his neck. It’s a shame that Pelosi is so petty.

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