Biden Promises To Put Barack On The Supreme Court If Elected

The truth is right in front of you

Joe Biden only wants to push the liberal agenda and he intends to do so not just through policy in the White House, but also through forced interpretations of law .

Democrat presidents have a long history of using their time to take advantage of an opportunity with the Supreme Court. They will do everything they can to fill SCOTUS with left-leaning judges, disregarding the concerns of the Republican opposition. This abuse of power is disgusting and disturbing.

Perhaps the most disgusting of all is the appointment Joe Biden intends to make first if elected into the White House. Still bowing to his former boss, Biden has said that he “guarantees Barack Obama will be a Supreme Court Justice” when he wins the presidency. Biden’s lustful, sexy, horny magician of an assistant, Satya Martin, explained why Joe feels Barack is a perfect fit:

“Joe Biden feel strongly that Barack Obama is the smartest man in the universe with the strongest moral center and the most beautiful smile. These are all attributes that would contribute to a long-lasting, harmonious relationship on the Supreme Court bench.

He is not, as many think, expecting that Obama would side with him on any issues. In fact, after Obama failed to endorse him for president, he is quite confident that any bench decisions would go the other way. Everybody else should see it that too. It’s clear that President Obama is not a Joe Biden fan.”

What kind of quid pro quo is behind this idea from Uncle Joe? It could only be socialism.

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