LeBron To NBA:’Dump The Anthem Or I’ll Quit’

The truth is right in front of you

This past Tuesday, the NBA’s LeBron James created quite a scene and angered millions when he angrily walked off the court during the playing of our national anthem. This was his ‘protest’ it seems, the next stage of disrespect that began with kneeling in the NFL.

Now James is stepping it up even more. Yesterday, Joseph Barron, Esq., a  lawyer for James hand-delivered a letter to the offices of the NBA advising them of his client’s intention to end his basketball career if the anthem were to be played in his presence ever again. Text of the ultimatum, written by LeBron himself, is below:

“Dear NBA,

The Star Spangled Banner is an offense to people of colour across America. To have it played before the games of the greatest player this league has ever known – ME – is hugely insulting. It shows me that you do not respect your star. And this after all I’ve selflessly done for you.


You owe me. I saved this league and I can take it down. My departure now – when there is nobody close to equalling me ready to take my place -would devastate earnings. If I hear that crappy tune again, I’m done. I will walk away from the NBA forever. No playing, no coaching, no commentating. I will be history and I’ll take all the fans I brought in with me.

It’s either the song or me.



LeBron Earnest James”

There us no question that James’ departure would affect the league but he thinks far too highly of himself. Most basketball fans don’t back traitors to the flag. Just go LeBron. The NBA will be better off without you.


  1. Basketball is a spectator sport with rules. If LeBron James is that important to the game, the game needs to change and he needs to leave the NBA. Is it me, or do many Negro athletes let their skills cloud their judgment?


  3. this clown thinks hes the greatest player and the game of basketball will fold up and die,,,good bye leave america we dont want your big mouth ass here leave nd i hope u go against your contract too and they stop paying you,,,,u know first time i ever herd that the sta banner effects black people when did this start,,may i ask….

  4. I won’t watch the NBA until this ungrateful A-hole is gone. He’s so full of himself. The NBA would be better off without him. BTW, Michael Jordan was a far better player than him and more humble too.

  5. HA HA like he is something special, one monkey does not stop the show and this worthless loudmouth asswipe can quit and I hope he does. What in the hell is the matter with the blacks that have been given everything and yet they continue to gripe about nothing. Damn shame there are any sports that promote these type players, time to get rid of them. TINBAOPBAWFN

  6. Misplaced adolescent anger emanating from over-paid prima donnas directed towards our National Anthem is ridiculous. Why don’t they lend their youthful outrage to push for the end of hunger or stop slavery or halt the practice of impregnating ten girls and abandoning responsibility that creates a welfare society?

  7. I really doubt he said this. If so, GET OUT! You are a terrible role model for today’s American youth! Like my bumper sticker on my pick up read, “Americe… Love it or Leave it!”

  8. Now, why are you living here or playing ball. No gratitude to your fans. If you hate America, pack your crap and leave. Nobody is stopping you. And for all you celebrities like Barbara Streisand , Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Baber. Don’t make promises. Get out.

  9. It is so comical to see how many bite on this sort of ridiculous garbage, and then spread it like wildfire without ever bothering to see if it is true. The article says right on the splash page — “The truth is right in front of you” …..

    Yes it is —– just a couple of lines above that “disclaimer” …. it displays at the top of the page — Allod Satire “S” Rated …… yet fools willing to buy into this sort of satire seem incapable of using common sense.

    Lebron James has made it very apparent that he will go all out to protect every dollar he perceives that might be in jeopardy of not reaching his wallet. So with that being made quite clear, does anyone really believe he is going to just flush all future $$millions$$ to make a statement to display his racism?

  10. Just leave you F_____ A Hole. your nobody special, nobody owes you anything, you get paid millions for playing a kids game. Your just another self centered A Hole. Now I really won’t follow a NBA team, or support the NBA, just I stopped supporting the NFL or any team of the NFL. You all are a bunch of ungrateful over paid Whinners. So F___ You.
    You can walk away any time, players come and go.

  11. Go to hell you anti American jackass, useless horse shit. Get the F*CK out of the USA then before gun owners chase your ass out

  12. Poor boy can’t spell-Basketball fans don’t back PUNK traitors to the flag. Just go PUNK LeBron. The NBA will be better off without you.

  13. Bye Bye LeBron…Want some help packing up your crap? It was NBA before you and it will be NBA long after you.


  15. Leave. No athlete is worth it. It’s a game and your ego is way off. We have made a great error by placing so much money towards sports instead of REAL problems and solutions for our country. Stop buying the gear and going to games.

  16. I thought you were an American Citizen and loved your Country and what its all about?The National Anthem has been here probably before you were and now you dont like it.If you dont like it,then you probably dont like the Country either so Give up and just Quit and then move to Iraq or some place like them and maybe some of those Isis people can put you in your place!!!

  17. When he head for his new home in china.
    He will know what it feel like to be a nobody again said anything against there gov’t you disappear

  18. What grown ass man or women watch these disrespectful over paid shucks play any professional sport ? There is 1000 other things I’d rather spend my time doin like shoving bamboo shute’s up my fingernails that watch them chase a ball around an disrespect our country , get your shit an get the £u€K out, go back to your mother land an live like the rest of the dirt floor broom sweeping pancake titted women so you can sit on your ass an wait for them to bring you a bowl of rice an some dirty amazon water ????????????

  19. the Racist IDIOTS in this comment section using the term NEGRO to refer to Black people, …prooves the main points Lebron and others are making!! I guess Blacks are only relevant when they are entertaining you throwing balls through a hoop…but soon after they are done doing that for you they are simply NEGROs right… hmmm proves his point exactly “AMERICA”. ..so maybe just go comb the LICE from you and your families hair instead of constantly worrying about what someone else feels about the anthem from THEIR perspective…simply meaning GET A LIFE RACIST!!

  20. To NBA Please Fire the POS LeBron! and Fine him! Anybody that doesn’t take pride in his or her country doesn’t deserve to make the Big money playing a damn B-ball game! The Star-Spangled Banner is not an offense to people of color across America.
    And the People that say this need to get A LIFE they are RACIST!! and should Move out of the U.S.

  21. Wilt Chamberlin,Michael Jordan are both bigger, better,and more honest stars than you, LeBron! THEY DIDNT MAKE THEIR CARREERS ON THEIR LOUD MOUTHS, THEY PLAYED GREAT GAMES!!!

  22. Go ahead and leave. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! Oh, by the way the greatest basketball player by far was Michael Jordan, #23, Chicago Bulls.

  23. This article is an attempt at satire, which is only accurate by claiming LeBron James as a selfish player. Other than him claiming to be the best, this is a terrible article that can’t be taken seriously.

  24. The big commie can go live in China, They can find someone else who will be glad to take his job!

  25. I could really see Queen James penning this letter. Hell, if he sees this he’ll prolly wonder when he was caught on record. There’ll be no denying it from him, just massive moaning and pissing about someone catching him on the record saying it. This will confuse him more than it does any random person that reads it. His time has come. He needs to move to China permanently or step aside and run for office. He’s nothing more than a pinko commie being used up by the left before he’s too old to demand cameras n mics….

  26. Hey LeBron you need to leave then, The National Anthem has nothing to do with People of Colour as you put it. It has everything to do The Revolutionary War, not The Civil War. So get over yourself. And I’m pretty sure the NBA won’t miss you at all, other players better than you have left the NBA and it hasn’t hurt them.

  27. This is a satirical website, not real. It is somebody’s idea of satire. I am not an NBA fan nor a LeBron fan, but this is SATIRE.

  28. Get out of America then!!!! This is our National Anthem and it is played millions of a year through out our Great Country. Your lucky to be here an playing a sport you love and are good at but there are a 1,000 behind you ready to take your place. DON’T FOOL YOURSELF that you are the greatest basketball player. When your money withers up and your fans are done with your mouth don’t cry and ask for American’s forgiveness. KEEP PLAYING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM for all that Love and call theirselves AMERICANS.

  29. Thank you for standing on what u feel is important, whether they like it or not. And it amazes me at all the comments these white people care making AFTER he has made the NBA all of this money. But I honestly hope they play it again, so he can show these white folks AROUND THE COUNTRY that he mean business. Now disrespect people black people again and see what happens…

  30. LeBros is a piece of sh_t to even say that. If he doesn’t like and or respect the playing of the national anthem, then he can leave. His American Citizenship needs to be revoked.

  31. You are a moron Lebrun!!love America and it’s anthem or leave !!we are better off without an America bashing POS LIKE YOU!!!While you are at it go live in another country and see how they live..

  32. Bahaha… BYE.!!!
    NBA, National Basketbal Association
    It’s an American sport that made you wealthy.
    Retire and please don’t coach.
    The sport will be fine without you
    and the country damn sure doesn’t need you.
    To LeBron and every other person like him.
    Leave your American money behind and go spew
    your venomous, ignorant shit in a third world country…
    You’ll be forgotten before Jordan’s next birthday

  33. Lol. Everyone making these racist comments are fools. The article isn’t real. It’s satire. He never made those statements.

  34. He’ll yes! That’s what I’m talking bout! Tell em Lebron!! ?. See you at the Roxy tonight!!

  35. This is a complete fabrication. Do you really think the biggest star in the NBA if not all of sports said this, and not one word of it on ESPN or any other national outlet? Just some crappy story on fb. I don’t think so.

  36. Being a mildly mannered conservative, I interpret this gentleman’s behavior as racist. 300,000 white men died correcting slavery in this country.
    This great sacrifice has never happened in written history.
    Many men have died for that song. They were not born seven feet tall either

  37. Mr LeBron,
    The Communist leadership of China thinks along the same lines as you do.
    They have a much larger audience and love basketball. In fact, they love you and they don’t like the American anthem either.
    Do you see the money and don’t have to listen to that horrible song.
    There is another new American who will replace you and love our sacred anthem.
    Well Wishes to new digs

  38. As a 100% disabled combat veteran, I am disgusted by the thought that any one person could have the audacity to think they are important enough to change the anthem of the most powerful country in the world. The fact that hundreds of thousands of men and women have given there lives fighting for the freedom that anthem represents. The fact that this overpaid whiny little bitch, thinks that people will just bow down to his wishes makes me laugh. You think because you can toss a ball in a basket that you have any right to dictate how our entire country should run is astonishing. Stick to sports and this goes for the rest of the sporting and entertainment business. Only a dumbass would alienate half the population by voicing any opinion on any political views. He is going to learn real quick, that Americans don’t like ultimatums. So good luck with that one.

  39. Since when, in this country where majority rules, does one (1) man get to dictate his wishes over others.

  40. that is why he was told SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE…. yes, this may be satire, however he is disliked by so many already, why they stirring the pot? cant stand him and his mouth, he can play BB but as far as running his mouth he is a juvenile!

  41. Really?
    Can we have a refund on everything you’ve ever earned, in your now evident disservice to what we stand for?
    I wish this was fake news. Turns out it’s just sad…

  42. When your only talent is being a 6’8″ guy who is able to put a little ball in a ring 10′ from the floor you do not have the intelligence to understand what the National Anthem stands for. Therefore STFU and quit embarrassing yourself by acting like you matter….you don’t.

  43. Muslims are smart. They picked a key player and worked on him to use him for this purpose as Colin Kapernick. In my opinion, LeBron James just ended his career. He is an excellent player, but he is wrong to allow Islam to control him. We don’t need LeBron James. Send him into retirement. His behavior is not wanted in American sports. He’s done. Fire him emidiately!

  44. There’s the door. It’s not locked to keep you in. Just don’t let it hit you when you slam it shut. We need a good country more than we need a mad ball player.

  45. Leave the League you pathetic, ungrateful, loudmouth Monkey. The only thing you’re good at in life is Playing W a Ball.
    GTFO of the league, you aren’t that important!!!

  46. SATIRE, LOOK UP THE DEFINITION, amazing how many people just believe everything they read without the slightest bit of thought or 10 seconds of research. it’s called confirmation bias, you already believed it was or could be true and now that you read it on the internet, it just proved that you were right to believe it. I agree it’s not very good satire or maybe because i’m not that into BB but it was written by COLON CRUSHER!

  47. I cannot believe that he would say such a thing. The NBA is his life. I am unable to find any sources that deny it however ! If he really feels that way, I will help you pack and hold the door for him. Remarks like those printed are NOT what we need. Obama is not in office now !


  49. Satire or not, an important reminder to anyone in the entertainment industry, and that includes athletes: we may need a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a farmer, but we Don’t need an entertainer. Entertainment salaries are totally dependent on viewers choosing to support them with their hard earned dollars. Stick to what you do, and keep your personal biases and opinions to yourself, it’s Not what we’re paying you for. If you want to express your opinions or political views, by all means, but do it on your own time. ijs

  50. This website is full of racism. I find it hilarious that nobody made an attempt to even address the anthem itself. If the anthem is disrespectful to “us people” and people are brainwashed to believe it’s normal then maybe theres a point. I will say his letter sounded quite arrogant and I disagree with some of what he said, nobody is bold enough to actually challenge whether the anthem is disrespectful. If your response is that it american or leave this country then you basically prove the point. People hide their true ignorance behind “the american way”. The NBA will continue and find another Lebron but will any of you actually look into what his point is?

  51. no one cares what LeBron has to say. He is an overpaid performer, who thinks that his work is of some importance. It is, to advertisers, retailers of athletic memorabilia. But nothing else. Let LeBron leave basketball or the US. Guess what, no one cares.

  52. LeBron James……….yesterday would be to late for you to quit and have left the country….Our country…our USA….says goodbye and good riddance !!! Try Iran or Mexico….and stay put !!

  53. You have to be the dumbest person alive if you think anyone cares if you quit! Noone is so important that this country puts them ahead of our USA! You are nothing but an arrogant ingrate! Bye!!

  54. Black Man your a baby who cry’s if you look at him wrong. You are not a good player. You need Christ in your ego life. You need to go back to the jungles of Africa and clean up after the donkeys crap. I have more respect for them than you. And there better looking. If you don’t leave i will demand that everyone will protest you now. LEAVE A
    WAST OF A MAN!!!!!

  55. I couldn’t care less if this is true or not! But if it is, you are free to leave and go to the country of your choice! Suggestion if it is China, I would suggest you do not tell the government what to do. They will not give you a choice to leave, they will just kill you!

  56. GOOD BYE LeBron there’s a replacement for everyone, remember you just wear a number. Also your disrespecting everyone else….

  57. Fuck this mother fucker people have died so he could live in this wonderful country now he wants to disrespect it by walking out on the national anthem he is nothing but a peice of nigger shit fuck him

  58. Some of you people on here want to say Leroy didn’t say that and want to call other people names. Well, fact check dumbasses…he did say and yes he is getting a petetion going to try and remove the Anthem. And by the way they are considering not to play the anthem in his presence. Fuck him and the NBA and especially the NBA if they bow down to this PIECE OF SHIT. This loud mouth mutha fucka needs to walk his black ass off the court with his head held down in shame. He may have made a lot of money but he still shows how stupid he is. And to all you people who defends him….FUCK TOU TOO…

  59. LeBron James shut your BIG MOUTH, go to the far end of the bench, and put on a dunce hat. The NBA does NOT need your angry outbursts. How did it work out for Colin Kaepernick? Shame! Shame on you!!

  60. Quit you ungreatful piece of shit. Take your family to an ibscure african village and see if you can even handle it. You suck and I think your a weenie anyhow. Always have!!!!

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