Dr. Phil : ‘Women Who Support Trump Are Damaged.’


Well-known talk show psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw is no stranger to blunt diagnoses.  As Oprah’s guy pal and with a hit show, bestselling books, and successful all-nude soccer team franchise, McGraw has been riding the high life.  That may all change with a bang after last week.

Dr. Phil often gets referrals from his associate Dr. Teeth. Janice is in rehab for the 60th time.

During a show titled : “Sophie’s Choice”, Phil met Sophie Baggersqueef of Diabetes, Florida, a housewife who had become more and more estranged from her husband of 20 years due to political differences.  Ever since the last election, her husband Jonathan, a normal person, wanted nothing to do with Sophie, who had cast her vote for President Trump.  Phil listened intently to her tale of woe, through which, she sobbed softly, and when finished, the doctor delivered this opinion:

“Sophie, first of all, any woman who supports Donald Trump is damaged.  Okay?  No poor husband wants damaged goods.  Women who would lower themselves to the level it takes to admire that mental midget of a con man have zero self-esteem.  Zero.  It’s not even a matter of how stunningly stupid you must be.  It’s a matter of betraying your vagina.   Your vagina is George Washington, Sophie, and you are Benedict Arnold.  Your vagina is angrier than Mike Pence losing his wallet at a Chippendale’s club.  Stop being your vagina’s Ike Turner.”

“You gonna get that sucka slapped again, woman.”

His rant has caused a lot of blowback from the already melting down Trump supporting minority, but it’s likely to be forgotten within a few days.  Those people have long mumus, but short memories.



  2. I do not know if Dr. Phil ever said anything like this but if he did he is the mental midget and con man. No professional should ever say anything like this to a women and if he did he should be barred from practice or stopped from giving anyone advice.

  3. Comparing vagina to George Washington, and pointing bluntly to the person sitting right in front of him in the National show, as mentioned above by Mr. John Long above, “he is a mental midget con man,” is one great observation. But the person listening to it, not objecting but literally accepting the claim, shows that Dr.Phil must be right about her and all women being damaged, who do not support Donald Trump.

  4. Dr. Phil : ‘Women Who Support Trump Are Damaged.’
    Fallis Gunnington Satire that ain’t got no legs

  5. I don’t think Dr Phil said this. Sure, he’s been highly influenced by the crazy entertainment industry…but he hasn’t lost all sense of reality!

  6. If you support Donald Trump an are a woman, you aren’t damage; you however are damaged. He has women out here so damaged in fact, they have lost the ability to type. And if you are a Christian, it’s against all truly Christian beliefs to support him. God bless.

  7. Dr. Phil I am very disappointed in you. I have watched you show for a very long time. You can not judge a person. We have a great economy. Oprah is last person you should listen to in you need to see it for your self.

  8. I also support President Trump. I voted for him and I will vote for him again however I highly doubt that Dr. Phil ever said any suche things. He just is not like that. He may not like President Trump but he certainly does not talk like that. Come on people Fake news and it’s disturbing.

  9. If you all really believed an article with the name Sophie Baggersqueef was real, you deserve to be angry at how dumb you are. Christ, fucking THINK

  10. I agree with Dr.Phil.. Blows my mind a woman would support a womanizer.. And all the Christians would support his evilness..

  11. HAHAHAHA It’s a joke people, but the responses give a lot of insight into women who do support trump. Dr Phil did speak out in general about lovers and haters of trump, he called it confirmation bias. You are so blinded by your believes that anything you see supports your view regardless of what the facts are. But I agree with Dr Phil, any woman who supports a man that says it’s ok for him to “grab pussy” because he’s a rich old white guy is stupid

  12. Right on Dr. Phil. Agree completely as a behaviorist. All the women I know supporting him really are damaged; in abusive relationships, drunks, woefully uneducated, dependent, hypocritical in their spirituality, angry, desperate, and scared of everything. Very sad that they have no ability to educate and empower themselves or their children. Denial is destructive mindframe.

  13. Women who listen to you Phil have the brains of a gnat! That is why you and Oprah are not on my selected viewing. Damaged goods and leftist idiots. No wonder your wife left you.

  14. Shirley,Shirley,Shirley, surely you don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Darling, the name of this site is “BUST A TROLL” with the tag line “SATIRE THAT AIN’T GOT NO LEGS”!!!! And if his wife left him, they both deserve academy awards because they are seen together ALOT. holding hands, looking loving into each other’s faces. lol. I don’t think that you and the rest of the women on this page that support trump are stupid but for some reason you either refuse to admit the man is a dirt bag or it just doesn’t bother you, which it should, how would you feel if he grabbed your daughter’s pussy?

  15. I can’t believe he said it………IF HE DID HE IS TRUELY A HORSESAZZ, and how any woman could sit there and listen to that crap is one herself.

  16. How can ms. baggersqueef let her vagina down like that? Now it’s going to need therapy too. Maybe at a ranch.

  17. and the people making comments on this like it is a real article…are the people that can actually vote, lord have mercy.

  18. Dr.?? Phil is a nobody that made it big by sticking his head up Oprah Winfrey’s ass! He’s an idiot!

  19. Guess I won’t be watching this guy anymore. Who does he think he is? He is going to ruin himself I hope. Talking about women like that. Disgusting.

  20. What a bunch of morons leaving comments over a bullshit satire article. It’s just to bash Trump. It ain’t real. Now you want real? Nancy Pelosi has a penis and regularly has sex with Obama. Which one? Both.

  21. My wife and I both supported Trump and neither of us are damaged. You are a lying phony manipulator of words. You Phild are a disciple of the Devil!

  22. Who ever wrote this must be a retarded Democrat fool. Do you realize how much of a dumb jackass you just made of yourself?

  23. I’ve been a Dr. Phil fan since he was on Oprah. There is no way in hell he said this. The man clearly has more intellect and class than this. I AM SO SICK OF THE MEDIA….LIES, LIES, LIES.

  24. WUT, hey a life folks on both sides of the argument. Do some volunteer work like I do, ie., meals on wheel, big brothers/sisters.