Matell Introduces Drag Queen Barbie Dolls

The truth is right in front of you

Matell’s latest offering in the Barbie line-up is sure to create controversy. Inspired by the infamy and dubious success of “Drag Queen Story Hours” taking place in public libraries across the country, the latest Barbies to hit store shelves will come from the “Drag Queen Line-Up”.

The new dolls have what are described as “classic drag names”. The first set due for release will have the ‘A’ names and will include ‘Anna Bortion’, ‘Ann Teefa’, and ‘Anita Procedure’. More releases for every letter of the alphabet will follow.

‘Anna Bortion’ is expected to be a top seller.

Matell marketing spokesman, Joe Barron, explained to us why he feels this introduction is important to today’s kids:

“Drag man drag! Drag is awesome! I spent my formative years being raised by drag queens in Vancouver. They taught me how to be a man.

Drag is an integral part of our culture. It always has been, from ancient India and Mesopotamia to our modern North American reading circle with the kids, teaching them to embrace who they are. It matters. It’s in all of us. We are all drag queens and it’s important that future generations accept that. The creation of these beautiful dolls is simply Matell doing its small part to promote that.”

The new Barbies will hit toy store shelves in the third week of November, in time for the Christmas rush. They are expected by insiders to be the must have toy for this Christmas season.

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