Racy Biden Photo Found On Epstein Island

The truth is right in front of you

We all know that Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor to the island owned Jeffrey Epstein on which he had his pedo ranch. This was evidenced by flight plans aboard Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet, but also by his portrait in a blue dress that was found on the premises.

Now it seems that another high profile Democrat had a presence on the island to indulge his perverse fantasies. Not a president but a probable presidential candidate – Joe Elijah Biden, the front runner in the democratic race

A poster sized image of Biden was found in the parlor at the Epstein estate, in which he was seen to be scantily clad …… in ladies’ lingerie, shocking the FBI agents who made the discovery.

I don’t think he has the legs for that

This would appear to be evidence of a Biden “kink”. It had been widely rumored that “Uncle Joe” had a predilection for dressing as a woman and this photograph seems to confirm it.

Epstein’s island was said to be “a place to indulge your fantasies without worry or judgement.” It looks as though Biden was taking advantage of this service to let his freakier side out to play.

Our attempts to contact Biden’s campaign office for comment went unanswered so they were neither able to confirm or deny his association with Epstein. The poster, however, appears to be all the answer we need.


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