Obama Promises His Post-Presidency Power of Pardon To Clinton

The truth is right in front of you

The Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has brought renewed vigilance on the part of the republicans to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes. This is not merely an invocation of “tit for tat”, as it may appear on the surface, but a realization that they’ve let what was once seen as a priority lapse, in favor of performing their governmental roles in making America great.

But the impeachment has made it clear to those on the hill that functioning government means nothing to the democrats and that in order to continue to move forward, “the dirty business”, as Barr puts it, must also move forward. Sources inside the DOJ tell us that an indictment against Clinton for the high crime of treason is near and that Hillary is scared.

But she may have an out. A savior. Barack Obama appears to have agreed to come to Clinton’s aid in the event of her conviction by using his Post-Presidency Power of Pardon for her benefit.

The Constitutionally guaranteed Power cab only be applied once per president and is rarely used as it’s widely assumed that invoking its power – especially on someone a president knows – would appear to be evidence of a personal crime or cover-up. For that reason, no retired president has used this privilege in over 150 years. In this case, considering the close personal relationship between Obama and the Clinton family, thoughts of cover-up are quite persuasive but this is not deterring Barack. As he put it:

“There is no question here. Hillary Clinton, if convicted, will be pardoned by my hand. Count on it.”

But there is a lingering question – Is it within the powers of President Trump to stop this? We shall see.

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