Kamala:’Trump Voters Chose A Traitor. Remove Them From America’

The truth is right in front of you

Kamala Harris’ speeches never fail to deliver stupidity and outrageous statements. This latest one is no different. Recently, she was asked by one of the Trump faithful at a Harris rally how she could support the likes of Omar and Tlaib in congress after 9/11. More specifically, how she could forget that we said we would ‘Never Forget’. Her reply was nothing less than treasonous.

“Donald Jevon Trump was born an enemy of the state. Almost 80 years ago – just shortly before Trump’s birth – the United States formally declared war against Germany. They are a sworn enemy. The Nazis in Germany were some of the most vile people ever to walk the earth. They attempted genocide, killing millions of Jews for no reason other than their faith.

That is what Germany is. And Trump’s family comes from Germany.

We swore after World War Two that we would never forget the brutality of Germany or the atrocities we saw there. Yet 20 million trump worshippers elected a German into office. They elected the enemy. They are also the enemy for doing so. Traitors all.

It’s not like the Germans did this, right?

This is where we are. One-third of Americans openly revealed themselves as traitors to America with their votes by electing a German, a descendant of the Nazi state. It’s not only Trump who needs removal from office but those who elected him should be removed from America.”

Essentially, Harris is saying that all Germans past, present, and future are responsible for Nazi horrors. This is prejudicial and ludicrous and against all American values of individuality, equality, and innocence without proven guilt. Kamala Harris and any of her supporters who promote this assertion should be ashamed of themselves for they are as unamerican as they come.

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  1. Kamala is just a Soros shill, remember, you can’t be a NAZI without “Socialist”!
    I’ve been mainlining Breitbart for weeks now, so I’m really woke!!1!

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