Omar:’In Trump’s America, I Feel Unsafe When Practicing My Religion’

The truth is right in front of you

Somali Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar never seems to stop complaining about America, the land that took her in and provided her opportunities she never would have had in her homeland. Most such people show gratitude for being allowed entry to our country, but not this one. She has never had one good thing to say. In the past, she has blasted the founding fathers, our rule of law, and our religion. Now she’s taking aim at our everyday citizens.

In an interview with Euro publication, Dorgan Magazine, Omar claims she doesn’t feel safe practicing her faith and that “Trump’s cult followers” intimidate her for doing so.

The veracity of unicorn tales is equal to that of this story.

“There is no freedom in this country. That is all a lie. Since the rise of the orange troll my people have had their freedom taken away. We can’t do anything. We are harassment for speaking our minds. They threaten us just for walking down the street. Americans are just bullies. Hey Melania! How come you don’t address us with your anti-bullying farce? Your obese sugar daddy is the biggest bully of all.

And to suggest that I, or millions of others like me, have the freedom to practice our religion without fear of prosecution is laughable. Nothing could he further from the truth. As long as the tangerine fascist and his mindless minions are allowed to run free, nobody is really safe to do anything that the US constitution allows……unless you’re just like them, in lockstep with their stupidity.”

That doesn’t sound like gratitude to me. Our constitution allows freedom of religion, Omar, but we are a Christian nation. Pick a denomination.


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