Target Introduces Sharria-Friendly Designer Fashion Line

The truth is right in front of you

Target takes its role as Retailer Social Justice Warrior very seriously. They began with their controversial “anything goes, all are welcome” washroom stance and now they are making a bold and risky statement in their fashion lines.

Just in time for the lead up to Christmas, Target is set to announce the addition of “Sharria Friendly Fashions by Tlaib.” The line was created by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who it turns out was a fashion designer before turning her mind and energy to politics.

The clothes feature an array of burqas that some would consider risqué because of their variety of color and size of eye slits. The black burqa is available in 32 different shades ranging from charcoal to midnight to crow to obsidian. But other completely different colors can be had as seen in the picture below. Eye slits on some designs make almost the entire top half of the face shockingly visible to lustful public eyes.

Tlaib’s designs are the raciest ever.

Target spokesman, Joe Barron, expressed his excitement about the tarpaulin fashion introduction:

“This new line allows Muslamians to really express themselves! Burqas in beige? Unheard of! Yet we have them! And orange and red and green!

And the fit on them is flattering and slimming to any body type. They are the dream of any woman who is figure conscious and needs to look her best.

This addition is great for the modern Muslamian woman.”

The line will make its debut in October. Prices are expected to be at the usual ultra-competitive Target rates.

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