Kaepernick Makes Nike Remove Flags From Jerseys In Support of Kneelers

The truth is right in front of you

Ever since Colin Kaepernick was hired on by Nike, the company’s business decisions have all been decidedly anti-American. Kaepernick has poisoned the Nike executives with his traitorous ways. They’ve chosen profit and political correctness over country and honor. And though they may think their latest business decision will strengthen their brand by appealing to the liberal set, it will likely backfire as it will offend even the most hardened anti-American democrat.

Nike – who supplies the NFL with its team jerseys – has announced that they will be removing the American flag from the uniform “in a show of solidarity with the kneelers among us.”

The move apparently came after pressure was put on the board by none other than the original kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, as he continues with his campaign to destroy the fabric of American life. Kaepernick expressed his pride at this latest accomplishment of his evil agenda:

“Kneeling before the symbol of white patriarchy oppression that is the US flag was just the first step. For Nike to back me up in the next is awesome.

This piece of cloth and all it stands for needs to go away. Its perceived morality directly opposes the minority population of America. It saps us of our power and keeps in the chains of slavery. To break our shackles we must replace the Stars and Stripes with something more empowering to the African-American. Might I suggest a raised fist?”

A fist, Colin? A symbol of defiance and division? That’s just what we’d expect from someone like you.

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