Fact-Check: Did Ilhan Omar Walk Out Of A 9/11 Memorial Service?

The truth is right in front of you

We investigated this story and confirmed that it’s true.

Ilhan Omar decided it would be a good idea to walk out on a memorial service for 911 victims in New York City. The event, hosted by the Anti-Muslamicist Defamational Defense League, was meant to bring Christians in the city closer to the Islamatical folks, because liberals think that will work for some reason.

What happened instead was the Muslamanias spent the time praying to their Moon God Alahoo while the Christians prayed to the actual God, so there was never any real unity. Rumors have it that the Christians offered the Muslies free Baconators from Wendy’s so they could feel more American, but they turned it down and ate bagels with cream cheese and olives instead. Not the good olives, either. The red ones you get on sale at that olive bar at Winn Dixie with the mozzarella that nobody West of Tallahassee will buy.

Anyway, Where was Ilhan during all of this? As it turns out, she wasn’t actually there at all, because she lives in Minnesota and works in Washington, and let’s face it…we’d flip the frack out if she showed up in New York, because even though we hate everything about it and use it 364 days a year as an example of pure, America hating evil — On September 11th, we never forget and stand with our fellow Americans.

Still, we rate the story true and think Omar should resign, because had she been there, she totally would have walked out. Our source inside the Capitol Rotunda says that Omar told a friend of hers that she would have been “across the street eating Falafel. DC has some of the best trucks in America for kabobs, but New York is all about the falafel.”

The Congresswoman’s office told us to beat it when we called, which makes the whole thing even more suspect.

Stay vigilant, Potatriots. Keep calm and read stuff to the end.



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Flagg Eagleton is the son of an American potato farmer and a patriot. After spending 4 years in the Navy and 7 on welfare picking himself up by the bootstraps, Flagg finally got his HVAC certificate and is hard at work keeping the mobile homes of Tallahassee at a comfy 83 degrees.


  1. She is only in congress to destroy the USA! Thanks to Obama, she has a place that will keep her there. A TOTAL disgrace to America!

  2. Mrs Omar remember Jesus loves you that is reason He died for you don’t you think killing his Fellowers is a terrible mistake please it

  3. She is a total disgrace and a waste of space. She has absolutely NO feelings for AMERICA other than BAD ones. She should be expelled from her position and prosecuted for her crimes.

  4. there’s no way we are going to get rid of her, and she knows it….it would be considered a hate crime…I find it interesting how ONLY Americans commit hate speech and the people we use our, supposedly, free speech on can say anything they want and it’s not considered hate speech…huh fb??

  5. From the comments in the article, people were shocked and outraged and to be honest, I’m not really sure why. She has made it quite plain that she doesn’t care about what happened, nor does she feel empathy with those whose loved ones were caught up in that tragic day. What I would like to say to those angry people is NEVER forget and work to make sure people like her NEVER attain a position of power in our government again.

  6. Her comments about 9/11 …”some people did something”… told us she doesn’t care about Americans. Her helping to fundraise for ISIS told us she doesn’t care about Americans. Her trying to get jihadi fighters off when they were arrested told us she doesn’t care about Americans. Now, she walks out of a Memorial Service for those who died in the terrorist attacks on America in 2001. She obviously doesn’t want to BE an American. Why doesn’t she return to Kenya where she came from? Somalia born yes, but came here from Kenya NOT Somalia. Never should have been granted “refugee” status as she was in no danger in Kenya.

  7. it’s ok for a radical muslim terrorist to lie to infidels. All muslims from North Africa need to be deported.

  8. Wake up America! Wake up! Your vote counts and it matters to your children and grandchildren. Shameful and a bunch of BS.

  9. she is sleeping well at the hotel with her adulter boyfriend, she is a despicable
    pos who should be deported along with her ilk,,, smh,, trash

  10. “Removing herself from the service was done so that she could remain respectful by not falling asleep while it went on.”

    You mean to tell me that she can’t exercise enough discipline and self-control to stay awake? REALLY?

    In the Air Force, when you feel sleepy, you go to the back of the room and remain standing. THEN, if you fall asleep, your dumb ass will wake up when you hit the fucking floor.

  11. What an excuse! It’s all bullshit, her and the squad need to be replaced with people that will work to make changes, not play the victim. What a freak show they’ve created!

  12. So she was the only one out of hundreds that was tired and needed to rest. wow. well, I hope she is resting comfortably because her time is running outl.

  13. She shouldn’t be allowed in politics in the first place the fact that she is shows your votes don’t matter its all rigged

  14. She is a disgusting piece of shit. I know God doesnt want us to hate but I must say, I hate her. She is a traitor who doesnt deserve to live in this wondrrful country along with the rest of the radicals.

  15. She was tired. Tired of hearing how her muslim brothers killed almost 3000 innocent people. She actually had to leave because she was fighting back smiling.

  16. Her actions speak louder than words and louder than the staff trying to protect her so called good image. She has no good side, proven by her actions during this ceremony.

  17. she needs to return where she came from. We need to send all mexians to Pelosi addressing californis. Plenty of space, and with ALL the money she gets, she can easily pay for these people. The person fromm Somaloia needs to go home, we do not need her crap in the US.

  18. “So she wouldn’t fall asleep? This is the best they could come up with? Boy I sure hope no “terrorist” “flys” into her house!

  19. She was probably among those dancing in the streets of third world countries the day after 9/11 – in celebration.

  20. From Unfiltered Minds of Independent Thinkers of the 3rd Grade Dropout Section:

    It’s unclear why the Dear Sister chose to leave a 9/11 presentation. I’m sure that she has her reason. Whatever the reasons for the presentation is a sham that failed to prosecute the real parties and the coverup by this Racist, Fascist Regime.

  21. She should be kicked out of The House, Kicked out of are country, or since she is a political Figure now she should be put on trial for treason against the United States. Nostradamus in one of his quadtrains about America said it will be destroyed from within. Here is the Start her and the other three.

  22. How much more evidence does homeland insecurity need to get this Taliban terrorist out of the USA. Tired or not if she really did have any respect she would’ve stayed not gone to her hotel for a nap.

  23. Paul, you got that right. I’ve been reading Nostradamus’ writings and everything he predicted has happened up to this point.


  25. Factions within our nation’s government caused the people who committed the hateful acts on 9/11 to do what they did the same people are active today, we must remove them and rinder them and their power to be moot!!.

  26. “BUST A TROLL” is the name of this site, by COLON CRUSHER. , SATIRE and/or Conservative Fan FICTION, Satire for Islamaphobes. YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID. YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET????? No wonder lying, cheating, thief trump got a elected. I pray that your stupidity takes you to the polls the day after the election

  27. Behead the bitch, if she pulled this shit in the world of Islam she would be killed for her crimes!

  28. Love the humour … yes, I spell like I’m an Australian … because I am. I’m also in your satire-attack age cohort … 68 years and laughing. Still can’t help but be horrified by all those who actually believed the story. Oh, and I love falafel. And for those who want to troll me … oh gosh I am white and Anglo-Saxon …oh gosh, oh gee, oh golly… but, I am educated … and oh gee! a woman. That’ll give you some nice room for misogynistic

  29. 🤣 And pigs fly, and cows jump over moons, and owls and pussycats sail away in beautiful sea green boats.

  30. YOU, dear souls, are the American Taliban – it’s just that simple; no kindness, no forgiveness, no wit and no humility before God.

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