Pelosi: ‘Jobs For Vets? My Mansion Can Always Use More Servants’

The truth is right in front of you

That headline says it all. Nancy Pelosi has no shame, no sense of patriotism, and no class. She is trash.

Pelosi was being asked by The American Ladies of Liberty about what she intends to do to help our veteran population shift back into civilian life after they return from tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon to be, Iran. More specifically, she was asked if she had a plan to combat the jobless rate amongst returned combat veterans. Her reply was nothing short of appalling.

“Are they having troubles? Well, hmmm, yes, I would imagine the civilian market isn’t overflowing with need for trained killers. It’s not exactly a marketable skill in the real world, is it?

That’s what happens when effort isn’t put into preparing for the future. You take opportunity away from yourself. But okay, I suppose they can be assisted.

We can set up training programs, equip them with real job skills, arrange psychiatric help for their shell shock – in my day we called that ‘cowardice’, but whatever, that’s a whole other story. We can set all that up but in the end, when it comes right down to it, these people have to learn to settle for less. They need to stop thinking of themselves as ‘big heroes’ that should have everything handed to them in a silver platter. Instead, they can hand things to me on silver platters. And gold platters. Platinum. My friends and I can take them on. We can hire some if it calms down the masses. My house can always use more servants. I can provide food and a roof over their heads but they better not get greedy about wanting more.”

While they would have much wisdom to share, most heroes don’t want to be Mr. Belvedere, Nancy.

This is despicable. Nancy Pelosi seems to feel that our brave military men can be nothing more than slaves to her and her elitist friends. That they have no value other than to serve her caviar and truffles and that they should be thankful to be so demeaned. This woman has no place in our government. She is disgusting and is truly deplorable. She needs to be removed in the coming election

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