Omar And Cortez Vow To End Homeless Veteran Outreach Program

The truth is right in front of you

They only want socialism for people of their choosing. They want it for illegals and drug addicts, those too lazy to work or too cowardly to serve.

Who they don’t want to help are the people that matter. We’re taking about the farmers, the unemployed coal miners, the laid off steelworkers, the companies in hard times, and the veterans. More specifically, in this case, the homeless veterans.

Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have promised their respective constituents that they will do everything in their power to bring an end to “Homeless Outreach”, a federal government program aimed at reducing the homeless population of veterans nationwide. Omar took some time to explain why it’s in their sights:

“What is so special about homeless veterans? Why should they get a special program just for them. They chose to go to war. They chose to do the senseless killing that ultimately led to their PTSD or whatever else put them on the street. They chose not to go to college to become more valued members of society.

Life is a series is choices. Should you make the wrong ones, we are not obligated to assist you. You made your bed, now lie in it.”

Cortez also chimed in:

“In socialism, soldiers are expendable. They know this. They accept it. They don’t fight it. They serve a purpose for us while in their primes. After that, their usefulness is gone. They give their lives for us on the battlefield. Whether they live or die, they have given their lives. And they do so happily….for the Fatherland.”

These two women have no respect for that which Americans hold dear. We love our veterans and will always go to their aid. America and Trump will stop the insidious plans of these two witches.

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