Omar: Hurricane Destruction In America Is Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Fal A-Fel

The truth is right in front of you

Ever hateful, Ilhan Omar is ranting about Qurrannic nonsense again, this time with a theory on why the USA has been hit by the destructive power of hurricanes so often in recent years. She refers to the Book of Fal A-Fel and the Prophecy contained within. An excerpt follows:

“The great Satan will be systematically destroyed as Alah exhales. Their evil is ill be wiped from the world and our people will once again be free to rule.”

According to Omar, this passage “obviously” refers to America, being the Great Satan, and that the “exhale” can only be a tremendous wind. She went on:

“Fal A-Fel is clear. The reign of Satan ends with the breath of my god. America’s god is impotent in comparison to the power of the one true one. My god is better than your god.

And when the Great Evil falls to its knees, Muslamians will once again rule. We will exist to spread the word and bring the infidels into our fold. The will of Alah will be done and heaven will be on earth, with virgins everywhere. I am not one of them.


This woman is as crazy and evil as they come. She needs to be removed from her position of minimal power before she poisons the minds of decent Americans with her voodoo nonsense.

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