Facebook Rocked With Warnings of ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Tags


An urgent message has been sent out by the mysterious entity known as “Q” to all gun and firearm owners, and it’s begun to cause a stir among the online community.  Confirmed reports warn that if a red flag shows up on any of social media posts, it represents a “tagging” by compromised government sources for weapon removal and possible incarceration.  Deep state undercover agents have been posing as Trump loyalists in Facebook groups to monitor targets and a Congresstional Fire Arms Removal Taskforce, or : F.A.R.T., has been visibly identified to have been approaching private residences.
No no, not that guy. That’s the guy who pooped in your garden last year. He just wants to know how the Strawberries are coming in.
According to gun owner Ismal Mahpentosmal, a Facebook page called : “America loves Donald Trump” was acting normally until Monday morning, when he commented on a post.  The next thing he saw was a small image of a red flag underneath it and the next day a F.A.R.T. recovery team was at his door telling him he been flagged as a “safety concern” :
“I had no idea what I posted on my Facebook could make this happen.  I had even posted the notice that I did not give Facebook the permission to share my personal stuff.  Guess that does no good. Q sent a message to the office of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asking for a comment, and got a remark that : ‘Crazy people should not own guns’ as their answer. That is not what we Americans need to hear. Gun owners that display pictures of all their guns are not crazy We just are afraid of the Deep State coming to take our guns.”
They’ve already taken away my mom’s pistol. Now what’s she gonna wave around at Denny’s to let the waitress know she means business about FLUFFY pancakes?

If this report concerns you, you aren’t alone.  But there is something you can do about it.  Contact the White House and make sure President Trump knows that America and his dedicated voters won’t stand for him not putting pressure on F.A.R.T. before it becomes a deadly hurricane.

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