Trump Vows To Bring Law & Order Back To America

The truth is right in front of you

In an emotional and powerful speech before victims of crime this past weekend, President Donald J Trump made a promise to those sad souls who needed to hear it most. He promised that he would not rest until he has brought Law & Order back to America.

Trump bemoaned the loss of Law & Order, observing that its decline began during the Obama administration. He left no doubt that he held the former president fully responsible for the loss.

“Law & Order was popular in this country for decades. It was huge. Then Obama came along and it all went to hell. People stopped caring. They stopped paying attention to all the good that came from it. Law & Order was no longer on people’s agenda and eventually it disappeared all together.

Sure people still paid attention to the special victims, to those who were sexually assaulted, especially the children… they should, but it was the larger crimes like the murders and the efforts taken to bring those criminals to justice that has been lost and that’s a shame.

So, as president, I promise to bring Law & Order back to this country. It’s had a lot of good people involved with it over the years but I’m going to make sure that this time we have only the best.

I like the original cops. Briscoe and Logan. They were the best. And in the DA’s office we need someone hot. McCoy, of course but also Connie or even better, Abbie. Holy cow was she a babe! I’d like to grab that pu**y!

Law & Order will return to the USA. I promise you that.”

It had been announced that Jerry Orbach, who played Briscoe, had died but Trump must know something we don’t. In any case, this announcement is cause for celebration. I miss that show, as do millions of other proud Americans.

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