Trump Signs Order To Ban Rainbow Flags From Government Buildings

The truth is right in front of you

It’s a plan whose time has come.

President Trump has signed an Order of the President to ban buildings at any any level of government across the county from flying the rainbow flag. The move came after many cities and states in liberal areas chose to remove the Stars and Stripes from their flagpoles this past June, and flew instead the rainbow colors to honour ‘Gay Pride Month.’The White House saw this for what it was – a spit in the face of this nation’s veterans who fought for equality and freedom for all Americans. They saw this and chose decisive action to combat the disgraceful insult.

The order goes into effect immediately and punishes those cities or states that violate it with hefty fines ranging from $10000 to $1000000, depending on the size of the wrongdoers economy.

Democrats, of course, are raving mad about this and have already arranged their inevitable court challenge. Our legal expert on staff, Benzamin Rustic, is confident the challenge will be thrown out of court as Presidential Orders cannot be reversed.

Finally we have a leader who will stand up for morality and decency. America is getting greater all the time. The winning just won’t stop. Trump 2020

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