Facebook Drive To Have Rashida Tlaib Jailed- Sign The Petition

The truth is right in front of you

Several pro-America Facebook groups have joined forces to get the word out about a petition they’ve initiated. It’s purpose? To tell the US Government that they have the permission of the people to throw Rashida Tlaib in jail for her crimes.

It’s an initiative that is gaining ground.

The groups detail the many crimes she’s committed as well others they logically anticipate she will commit in the future. Included in the past crimes list:

  • Threatening the President (with her promise to impeach)
  • Inciting riot behavior (by continually lying about the President’s actions)
  • Treason (for speaking out against the president)
  • Treason (for being Musslammic)
  • Treason (for opposing presidential plans)
  • Treason (for not swearing in on the Bible)
  • Treason (for vowing to bring Jihhaad to America)

The future crimes list is similarly lengthy and includes:

  • Treason (for bringing Jihhaad to America)
  • Treason (for giving aid and comfort to enemies as Obama did with Iran and that all democrats do)
  • Theft ( for the money that she, as a democrat, is certain to steal)
  • Sex Slavery Likely With Minors (again….democrats)
  • Voter Fraud/Vote Rigging (democrats)

The Get Rid of Rashida Facebook groups are inviting the public one and all to please sign the petition. It can be found here.

They -and we – thank you for your support.

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