Trump Signs Executive Order Making Flag Burning a Hate Crime

The truth is right in front of you

Burning the flag of the USA is protected free speech. It’s legal. The issue has been heard by the Supreme Court of the United States and has been settled. That’s it. We have to accept it, no matter how distasteful.

President Trump has also made his peace with this even though he hates it with every fiber of his being. But Trump is a thinker. He’s shrewd and he fights for what’s right by taking the winded road if a straight line is not available. And he’s come through again with yet another piece of brilliant, innovative thinking. This is why we elected him.

President Trump has now signed Executive Order Number 3275 and put its contents into law. It states:

“The destruction or desecration of the flag of the United States of America, in any way shape or form, whether through burning, cutting, shredding, or any other means the court may deem fitting, will hereafter be classified as a hate crime, punishable under the American Hate Crimes statute, with identical sentencing guidelines.”

Criminal behavior charged as a hate crime carries a much stricter punishment than those without the classification. Flag burners may now face up to 50 years in prison upon conviction.

This Presidential Order is an effective workaround of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding free speech. While Trump was not able to reject the court’s previous ruling, he was legally able to make this new designation. Haters of this country beware. Your time is up.


  1. Fuck Trump! He keeps pushing to have my rights taken even denying me protection under hate crimes yet he wants to make it a “hate” crime to burn a flag?! Fuck Trump! Fuck the US! Fuck the the flag!! I’m buying a flag and burning it!

  2. I understand what he’s trying to accomplish with this order but it does not appear to account for the recommended method of retiring a tattered US flag, by burning it and burying the ashes. Are those individuals going to be charged with a hate crime?

  3. This site is (bad) satire.
    There is no Executive Order Number 3275.
    It took me less than 5 seconds to fact check this article.

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