Biden Promises : ‘On Day One, The Wall Comes Down’


Leading in the polls for Democratic candidate to run against President Trump in 2020, Joe Biden has been on a whirlwind tour for most of the month.  Stopping in New York, Vermont, and Delaware for rallies with tens of thousands of cheering fans, “Bidenmania” is slowly beginning to gain traction. But what exactly would his policies be as President, and what kind of vision does he have to oppose the GOP?  Well, tearing down what Trump has attempted to build is evidently a starting point.

At the rally, 6-year old Billy Flimple enters his name into a sweepstakes hoping to win a ride on one of Biden’s 14 pet llamas.

Last night, the Queefingham Arena in Harlem, New York was alive with activity as Biden broke down what his first 100 days might look like :

“Day one, that wall that Trump goes on and on about comes down.  It’s ridiculous and cartoonish.  I will reverse every decision that moron has made in his unfortunate tenure.  Obamacare will come back.  The Iran deal will be renegotiated.   It will be as if his Presidency never happened. In fact, I will issue an executive order to have Trump’s name permanently removed from all government documents.”

Melania Trump, also in attendance, even agreed to “go out for a pack of smokes” after the election and never come back.

Rally participants meandered among kiosks selling “Smash the Wall!” T-shirts, banners, and bumper stickers, and danced to music by wandering guitarists wearing 60’s-style hippy clothing and tie-dye.  Is Biden’s laid-back demeanor and strategy of completely eliminating all memory of President Trump’s time in the White House enough to energize the Democratic base?  It certainly seems to be a line that has the left wing fish…Biden.

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