Nancy Pelosi Removing ‘In God We Trust’ From Our Currency

The truth is right in front of you

Continuing her assault on the Christian elements of our beautiful republic, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal democrats are planning to change the look of our beloved American greenbacks. Not by removing the president’s images as you might suspect – though they do plan to do that later – but by changing the words they hold which make them so unique to the currency of the rest of the world. Their current plan is to replace the words “In God We Trust” with their godless atheist substitute, “In Logic & Reason We Trust”.

    Is the addition of an image of Satan far off?

This is the Democrat’s latest attack on our Christian heritage. They’ve previously gone after references to god in our constitution, our national anthem, and our pledge of allegiance, all with little success but they remain determined. They’re playing the odds and assuming that sooner or later they will have success by using such removals in negotiations against legislation that the Trump Government desires. That much is obvious, though they won’t directly admit it. Said Pelosi:

“The United States of America is not a Christian nation.  We are a nation of many faiths with no one held higher than another. Certainly not Christianity anyway. Christians are vile, despicable creatures. That’s proven everyday lately with continued mass murders wrought by Christian hands. I will no longer have my country associated with such bloodlust in any official capacity

If we were to change it to Allah or Zeus or Krishna or something that would also be acceptable to me personally. But as all of our party must come to an agreement, we’ve decided to do away with God altogether. It makes the most sense since he’s a fairy tale figment of imagination.”

When will this madness be stopped? When will we, the people stand up and scream,” NO MORE!”  The day is coming soon as the red wave grows


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