Malia Obama Arrested At Violent Antifa Demonstration

The truth is right in front of you

Portland, Or- Dozens of members of the terrorist group Antifa were arrested here yesterday after a planned demonstration in support of law enforcement turned ugly with the arrival of the Antifa thugs.

“Citizens Of Criminal Knowledge” is an advocacy composed of former criminals who have seen the light and have embarked on a journey of righteousness that started with their love for our president. They devote a great deal of their time to promoting the good works of our boys in blue and proposing that the police be given greater powers of investigation and arrest, in seeming defiance of the constitution.

Proposals such as these are upsetting some members of the population – mostly criminal liberals, and of course, Antifa, which is why the group decided to “crash” yesterday’s demonstration and cause chaos. Antifa marched in with their masks and Nerf baseball bats and began to viciously beat anyone in their path with their foamy weapons.

This is a strange looking dude.

Police were quick to arrive on the scene and the antifas were rounded up to be loaded into paddy wagons and thrown into cells. One of those was none other than the eldest and most rebellious of the two Obama daughters, Malia.

Captain Frank Furillo of the Portland Police Department provided a few details:

“Miss Obama was arrested at the scene along with 14 of her co-conspirators. She was rude and belligerent with our officers and sustained some injuries upon arrest. Nothing major, I assure you Mr Former President. No need to send Hillary’s goons after me, ok?

She has been charged with rioting and facial seeing hindering , both felonious acts in Oregon. Miss Obama will be held in detention until after her court appearance tomorrow morning, when she will post bond, or until her corrupt father pays off our DA and charges are dropped.”

This is Malia Obama’s 5th arrest in as many weeks. Charges are dropped each time at the request of her father. If we get the word out enough about this one, perhaps the charges will stick.

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