Michigan Schools Forcing Muslammic Prayer Sessions

The truth is right in front of you

As Michigan continues down the path toward Musslamania, we should no longer be shocked by the events we hear of from the region….. yet we are. Each new blasphemous passing violates our senses as they mock our sense of right and wrong.

The latest appalling act from the Motor City State may be the worst yet. Indoctrination into Isslamia is taking place in Michigan elementary schools as students are required to participate in Musslamic prayer sessions each morning under the guise of a “World Religions” class.

Theesis Sateer-Ical, Muslammian principal of Candace B. Furreal Elementary, laid out a case for the “innocence” of the sessions:

“Its a class on learning about world religions. There is no ‘indoctrination’ going on here. The kids learn acceptance and tolerance. They see how alike we all really are.”

The bombing of Baghdad. Christianity saved millions with this campaign. Christians do not destroy like those cults.

One of the parents of a student had a very different take:

“My kid came home and told me they had to do Musselman prayers! IN AMERICA! They said it was a class on religions, not cults! There is only one religion in the world and it’s the one America was founded on! Christian religion! It’s a religion of peace and love of all people, not that crap spewed by those monsters out of the Middle East! Somebody should eliminate them!”

Michigan needs to be separated from the rest of us. They have lost touch with the values of America. Looks like we need another wall.

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