Trump Creates Record $12 Trillion Surplus For 2019

The truth is right in front of you

It’s been widely reported in the liberal media that President Trump was set to create record deficits with his 2019 budget. This is plainly untrue. Trump ran on a promise to have deficit-free spending and eliminate the federal debt and he is a man of his word. The proof of this came today when the Commerce Department projected a $12 trillion surplus resulting from the 2019 budget.

Secretary of Commerce, Bea Elzebub,  was ecstatic:

“This is everything we planned for. After a quarter century of deficit spending, something had to change. Our President promised zero deficits and he has delivered year after year after year. Twelve trillion! This has never been seen before and next year will be even better. The winning will never stop!

The Trump spending plan would see continued surplus creation year after year, with the total elimination of the debt to he completed by 2023.

This is why the reelection of President Trump is so vital. It is only through his grand wisdom that we can become a nation free of debt. If a democrat were to be elected in his place, our entire economic structure and all our stability would be utterly destroyed, just as it was under Obama and Clinton.”

Another promise fulfilled. President Trump never lets us down.



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