Trump Rescinding Medals Awarded By Obama

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump is taking the unpresidented action of rescinding each one of the 396 Presidential Medals of Freedom that Obama handed out to his pedophile and criminal friends during his eight year presidency. His reasons are simple. As he put it:

“This country doesn’t give out medals to those types of people. We do not fill the swamp with medals. Part of draining the swamp is to take our medals back!”

Obama’s 267 medals was the most given out by an president in history. Normally reserved for true patriots and heroes like Tiger Woods, the former president handed out the awards like candy, giving them to all types from rappers to lesbians to counter-culture “artists”. He didn’t care. There were probably even a few Musslamics and NFL players thrown in there. It wouldn’t surprise anyone. Well President Trump is saying, “No more”

“This medal is for patriots and patriots alone. None of the people Obama gave medals to even love America! They’re not patriots.

What could be more loyal and patriotic than this?

You know how you show that you love your country? You hug a flag. I did that. You think any of Obama’s people did that ever? Or Obama himself, for that matter? Not a chance.

Obama gave out 459 medals and I’m going to get them all back. I think I’ll keep them all myself. Why not? There’s nobody more patriotic than me.”

We applaud this action by are predisent. Nothing that Obama did should be allowed to stand.

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